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Spend time on your clients, not on designing your data capture system

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If you are providing support to people in need, we can help ensure that:
  • Your team is using the product effectively within days
  • Your clients get the attention they need
  • Referrals are handled smoothy and easily
  • People don’t fall through the cracks
  • Your funders know the impact your team is having
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Who We Serve

Hospital-Based VIP Programs

Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (HVIPs) have a significant impact on young people injured in gang violence. The QGConnect Case Management allows case workers to identify needs and create a list of shared goals with the clients. The system keeps communication flowing and ensures follow-up on a timely basis.

community-based organizations

QGConnect has solutions geared toward non-profit, non-governmental, or charitable organizations that represent community needs and work to help them. Our deep experience here lends itself as a benefit from both a software perspective, as well as a trusted consultant and advisor for data.


QGConnect helps to support the bigger picture for counties. It helps leaders better understand challenges, support programs, and initiatives, and improve the lives of residents within its service area. For programs that have struggled with silos and would like to connect those disparate systems, QGConnect brings all of this together into one place, making it easier to identify trends and design solutions that address the root cause.

task forces

For city or governmental task forces, data is paramount to understanding the results, dollars spent, and ultimately, the impact programs can have on a community. Our solutions can help you simplify your data intake and showcase the impact and trends that are important to the funding of future initiatives.

Understanding impact is difficult when data is the problem

The amount of data collected and used on a daily basis has exploded, and that increasing volume has required new solutions for managing and making sense of it.

According to the IDC State of Data Science and Analytics Report, 44% of time is wasted every week because data workers are unsuccessful in their activities.

Whether this involves syncing different applications together, trying to make sense of data from several sources or spreadsheets, or simply coordinating the information going back and forth via email, the remedy is clear:

Let’s help your team focus more on the outcomes and less on the data management and analysis.


The percentage of workers struggling with inefficiency due to poor data organization and analysis


Quick Setup
It’s easy to setup and get started. Get data in the system and start using within days and ease into the workflow.
Stay on Track
Lots on your plate? Let us help you shift from spreadsheets and email into a place where the technology does the heavy lifting.
Show impact
It’s not about the data – it’s about how you’re impacting and changing lives. The reporting feature easily demonstrates the impact to your stakeholders and greater community.
Any program we fund that does case management, we can plug into QuesGen and capture the info we need to capture. We never need to start from zero — we can easily scale up without having to set up a new platform for each new initiative.
Israel Canjura, Jr | Superintendent for Youth Intervention Services, City of San Jose

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