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Discover how QGIncident can help you improve school safety by providing educators and staff with the tools they need to recognize, prevent, plan, and respond to violent acts and incidents.

why conflict resolution and tracking matters

Managing school incidents effectively is a priority for more than just school administrators. Implementing conflict resolution tools and systems can help prevent or limit conflict between students before it escalates into a major crisis.

This may involve issue tracking systems, so potential problems can be identified quickly and addressed, or stepping up communication both among faculty members and between faculty and students about student safety concerns.

Rather than simply reacting to conflicts with punitive measures, these proactive steps can help ensure student safety by proactively addressing issues through conflict resolution techniques that reduce the chances of conflict occurring.

According to the Educator’s School Safety Network, there have been thousands of documented violent incidents and threats in American schools – just this year. Educators, teachers, and school professionals deserve more, and the students who are exhibiting this behavior need better tracking and mitigation measures to ensure the safety of all who are part of the education system. 

how it can help

Improve student safety

Information on all the incidents in a school is kept in one place so important knowledge can be shared easily.

Identify issues before they turn into larger conflicts

Incidents are tracked and can be addressed before they escalate.

Streamline how incidents are recorded and tracked

Incidents for all schools in a school district are recorded in the same system and can be viewed by superintendents and other administrators.

Identify larger trends

Graphs and reports display the data around incidents, both at the school and district levels.

Risk Mitigation for the School District

Incidents, actions taken, and resources assigned are recorded and can be retrieved at any time.

Reduce response time to incident resolution

Personnel are alerted when an incident is reported and can deploy the appropriate resources quickly.

Reduce the likelihood of losing track of incidents within your school system

Reports on the status of incidents are readily available and can be viewed by administrators to ensure all incidents are handled appropriately.

Close the loop on incidents

Incident status and completion are tracked and reported on in the system.

Report back to the community

Data is displayed in easy-to-digest graphs and reports making it straightforward to report back to funders and the community.

Get out in front of a crisis before it happens

All levels of incidents can be entered in QGIncident, so conflicts can be handled before they escalate.


centralized place for all information

Managing incidents and follow ups in a cloud system means less clutter in your inboxes or message boards. Discover the efficiency and insights that come from a centralized place for data management.

Increase communication and collaboration

Leverage an all-in-one system to improve communication between School Resource Officers, Counselors, and Administrators.

Uncover Trends in Incident Reporting

Summarize the incidents happening in your environment and draw insights for school safety programs. Not only does it centralize the data, but it lessens the clutter with all communications. 

With limited or no access to the Student Information System, a platform like QGIncident is a huge time saver and benefit for (SROs) School Resource Officers.

School safety officer, California

Example of data points utilized by schools within QGIncident:

  • Vaping/Marijuana/Alcohol
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Fights
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • etc.

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