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There are so many options – the QGConnect platform was designed to be easy to use and navigate, while still including all the features you need to support community efforts and manage critical social programs. QGConnect moves you toward a complete Community Information Exchange (CIE) environment.

Products and Solutions from QGConnect


Tracking incidents in schools is critical to preventing significant events, and developing policies to respond to issues.


Allowing a case worker to plan and execute a strategy for a client is critical. QGCase is a platform for developing shared goals and tracking over time. 


Many social services are provided by sharing information between organizations and ensuring that follow up happens on a timely basis.


Transforming data into information that is used to inform policy is essential. QGAnalytics provides reporting and tools for all CIE functions.


Consent Management allows users to screen and verify clients information and agreements and share them between organizations.

We designed this with the goal of helping to close the loop between incidents and cases, and the outcomes driven and tracked by that data. At the end of the day, it’s simplifying and streamlining workloads to help you focus on what you do best.

Mike Jarrett | Founder

Platform Features

All products and solutions share these three common characteristics:

Easy to Implement

Designed so that you can set up your users and start working with the platform as quickly as possible.

Research Informed

QGConnect was developed in medical research, and the focus is on developing an understanding to navigate your population and implement best practices.

Simple to Use

Our development philosophy is that the application should be obvious. The tasks that you want to accomplish – add a note, enroll a new participant – should be crystal clear.

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